Courtney L Anderson

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

My mission is to help you unlock your path to resilience!

As a Rapid Transformational Therapist Practitioner, Courtney utilizes powerful transformative techniques to guide individuals through overcoming challenges, unlocking their potential, and achieving positive change.

Some areas I guide people through to lead a more fulfilled and amazing life;







I am Courtney L Anderson.

Trained in RTT® (Rapid Transformational Therapy) with Marisa Peer in 2020 to share its amazing and transformational benefits.

For me this is the continuation of a long journey of learning. My passion for energy work and helping people began over 25 years ago when I started studying Shiatsu.

When I found RTT I knew it was a perfect fit.

RTT has given me the tools to change lives.







What is RTT?

RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) is a very advanced and updated type of hypnotherapy.

The only therapy that changes your neural pathways brings about lasting change is hypnotherapy. It goes deep and changes our neural circuits in the way other therapy does not and cannot. Something magical, but also scientific, happens in hypnosis and that is the mind sends different messages to the body telling it what to do, and interrupts the signals coming back, so for instance, we can lessen pain and stop anxiety. Only in hypnosis can the critical factor shut down so that the mind will accept ideas that it may reject in a conscious state.

So you can see RTT hypnotherapy rapidly does five things that other therapy cannot do and cannot do in that time frame.

  • RTT sends out different messages from the mind to the body. ie bringing about deep lasting sleep 
  • RTT interrupts the signals /messages coming from the body to the mind. ie changing fear to excitement
  • RTT shuts down the critical factor so new ideas and behaviours are more easily and rapidly accepted and implemented. ie radiating confidence and high self esteem.
  • RTT takes you into the network of intelligence where the mind influences  the body and allows you to influence it in a more positive way. ie ending addictions and limiting beliefs 
  • RTT changes out neural circuits/pathways so that our clients enjoy lasting change. 

The Process


The RTT experience with Courtney was enlightening and I learned alot about myself and how I was holding onto belief systems that were holding me back in my life. I feel connected to myself since working with her and I have let go of decades worth of baggage allowing me to feel lighter and more joyful.
L. Adams